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First up, we have the gorgeous flush-mount photo books. These feature a layflat design, perfect for sweeping panoramic images, on sturdy, press-printed pages. They come in a variety of sizes and cover options, suitable for every decor and style. These books are custom designed for you, and they make an excellent way to display all the photos from your session. Flush-mount books begin at $200.FlushBook_01 FlushBook_02


If you’re looking for something a little more lush, then a flush-mount album is for you. A fellow photographer, and friend of mine, loves them so much, she said that she “wanted to take it to bed and cuddle with it.” Seriously folks, they are that dreamy. The pages are printed on the photographic paper of your choice, then mounted to a firm substrate, to keep them in impeccable condition for, at least, the next hundred years. Wrap all that in a rich, genuine leather cover, with color choices ranging from earthy and classic to bright and bold, and you’ve got a presentation piece to pass down from generation to generation. Flush-mount albums are truly an heirloom product, and pricing begins at $450.

FlushAlbum_01 FlushAlbum_03 FlushAlbum_02


Both the books and the albums come with their own storage box for safekeeping, but these bad boys are meant to be on display! They are offered in a variety of sizes, both square and standard. I would be happy to work with you on a custom design after your next session, or put one together from a session that you’ve already had, so definitely keep these beauties in mind when it comes time to order!

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