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What Is Documentary Photography?

Do you love spending time together as a family? Is there a favorite activity that everyone enjoys? It could be as simple as playing games or reading together, cooking a meal, or planting your garden. Or maybe it’s something more active, like going on a nature walk, playing a family sport, or taking a trip to your kiddo(s’) favorite playground…maybe there’s a stop for ice cream or hot cocoa afterwards. It’s whatever YOU want it to be. Let’s skip the mall poses, backdrops, and props, and just capture life as it is, right NOW. The real. The raw. The sometimes messy. Because heaven knows, life can change in the blink of an eye.

Sessions can be done in your home, or any location that fits your family. Have a pet? Let’s include them, too!

photograph of newborn babyFresh48 & Newborn

Fresh48? What’s that?
A “Fresh48″ session takes place while mama and baby are still in the hospital. I will visit you in your room, generally, the day after your baby is born. I capture all the tiny details of the first 48 hours of your baby’s life, and the major details of the first few days of bonding.

I don’t offer what could be considered your typical newborn session. I don’t have any props or cute little crocheted hats. What I do offer is a glimpse into what life with a new baby is like. The snuggles. The nursery details. The ridiculously adorable, chubby baby rolls. I get it all in, but in what I consider more of a photo journalistic style.
Newborn sessions are best done during baby’s first month on earth.

With each session, a print credit or Signature Book (or both) is included. You choose your favorite images from your session, and I will create a custom design for you. Before the book is submitted for printing, you proof the design and choose your cover options. Upgrade to an album for an additional fee. 

You can read more about Signature Books and Albums here.

All of my prints and products are created in a professional lab, and are archival, heirloom quality. I’m also happy to offer custom framing and matting.

 Mini Sessions and Promos

Throughout the year, I will offer specially themed mini sessions or fun promos for different holidays. I will usually have special products available for these sessions, that I don’t offer year round. Some examples include: Little Lovey Mini Sessions, Holiday Keepsake Sessions, Mom and Me, Just Like Dad, etc.

I don’t always run the same minis from year to year, and they happen as the inspiration or season moves me. Don’t want to miss out? Make sure that you’re part of my VIP Facebook group, so you’re up to date with all the latest news and offers. I am also happy to offer a limited amount of weekday evening mini sessions. Please contact me for more info.

Preparing for your session is easy, Just keep a few of these details in mind:

  • Documentary photography is exactly that. There is no direction given, and I’m happy to capture the moments as they unfold. There is no need to dress up, brush hair, or put on make-up, until you’re ready. It’s all about the organic nature of your daily life.
  • Safety First! If you are worried that your child is about to fall, eat something they shouldn’t, or hurt themselves in any way, please don’t hesitate to step in.
  • Kids will be kids! I’ve got 3 of them, and some days it’s like living with a pack of wild hyenas. That being said, I always want to remember them how they are right now. And right now. And now.
  • Don’t say cheese! Real smiles are always better. When a photo shoot is playtime for the child, instead of a challenge, the expressions are better, and everyone has more fun.

photo of mom and child in kitchen